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Protect all your home Electronics and Appliances with Complete Home Surge Protection for only $750* [additional $50 off when you like us on Facebook.]


Your home could have over $15,000 worth of valuable electronics and appliances.  These devices are easily damaged by common power surges in your electrical, telephone, and cable lines. It only takes a lightning storm near your home to create a high-energy electrical surge that can enter your house and destroy your appliances, TVs, stereo equipment and almost all other modern electrical products.

How much can you afford to lose?  

Most people don't realize they are at risk of a surge until its to late. Take proper precautions  and don’t limit your protection to only a surge strip, protect the entire home. 

What is a Surge? 

A surge is a high voltage electrical event that travels through your AC Power, Telephone and Cable lines, potentially damaging home electronics and appliances. 

Where do Surges come from?

• Lightning • Utility disturbances • Home appliances turning on/off

*Includes basic installation of (1) Eaton CHSPT23PACK, Protects AC Poser, Cable and Telephone.